Attorneys Directory Category: Estate Planning & Probate

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Amy E. Bilyeu
900 SW Fifth Ave, Suite 2000 Portland, Oregon 97204
Abby Wool Landon
811 SW 6th Ave, Suite 1000 Portland, Oregon 97204
Sarah Einowski
888 SW Fifth Ave., Suite 1600 Portland, Oregon 97204
Julie K. Kelly
The Broadway Tower, Suite 170 Portland, Oregon 97201
Nancy L. Cowgill
760 SW Ninth Ave, Suite 3000 Portland, Oregon 97205
June M. Wiyrick Flores
1211 SW 5th Avenue, Pacwest Center, Suite 1900 Portland, Oregon 97204
Erik S. Schimmelbusch
5200 Meadows Rd, Suite 200 Lake Oswego, Oregon 97035
Walker R. Clark
111 SW 5th Avenue, Suite 3800 Portland, Oregon 97204
Stephen E. Kantor
111 SW 5th Avenue, Suite 3800 Portland, Oregon 97204
Kristen Chambers
3519 NE 15th Ave, Suite 424 Portland, Oregon 97212
Sara A. Kearsley
101 Southwest Washington Street Hillsboro, Oregon 97123
John Davis
15350 S.W. Sequoia Parkway, Suite 250 Portland, Oregon 97224
Jonathan D. Mishkin
4380 SW Macadam Ave, Suite 190 Portland, Oregon 97239
Jennifer Kwon
7455 SW Bridgeport Rd, Suite 205 Portland, Oregon 97224
Rebecca S. Kueny
3040 Commercial St SE, suite 135 Salem, Oregon 97302
John C. Koch
PO Box 1204 Lake Oswego, Oregon 97035
Steven M. Zipper
115 NW First Avenue, Suite 400 Portland, Oregon 97209
Theressa Hollis
6400 Southeast Lake Road, Suite 440 Portland, Oregon 97222
Melissa E. Chapman
121 Southwest Morrison Street, Suite 600 Portland, Oregon 97204
Patricia A. Clements
1100 SW Sixth Avenue, Suite 1600 Lake Oswego, Oregon 97204

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